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Hairspray Live! When, against all odds, Tracy wins a role on the show, she becomes a celebrity overnight and meets a colorful array of characters, including Link, the resident dreamboat; Amber, the ambitious mean girl; Seaweed, an African-American boy she meets in detention; and his mother, Motormouth Maybelle, owner of a local record store.

Full Cast & Crew

Tracy's mother is the indomitable Edna Turnblad, and she eventually encourages Tracy on her campaign to integrate the all-white Corny Collins Show. Main cast [3]. Council members [3]. The Dynamites [3]. Motormouth Kids [3]. Various ensemble [3]. The musical numbers from the track list of the soundtrack. All tracks are written by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman. As with its predecessors, it was executive produced by Craig Zadan and Neil Meron.

Not everything's going to be a big name to the whole audience.

"Brenda" in HAIRSPRAY??

I don't think there's an infinite number of these that can be done. But we're still doing it. Jerry Mitchellthe choreographer of the Broadway version of Hairspraywas also involved with the adaptation. In addition to adapting the book, Fierstein reprised his performance of Edna Turnblad from the Broadway musical; Greenblatt felt that his performance of Edna was "iconic", and that his involvement with Hairspray Live!

The role went to college sophomore Maddie Baillioas her first professional role. Pinky's boutique. OreoReddi-wipand Toyota broadcast live, themed commercials during Hairspray Live!

The site's consensus states: " Hairspray Live! Neil Genzlinger of The New York Times wrote: "NBC lassoed some talented performers with fine singing voices but sacrificed cohesion by cramming the evening with too much interstitial fluff Hudson and Kristin Chenoweth Sonia Saraiya of Variety wrote that it "took a few musical numbers to settle into a rhythm. But once it did the energy seemed to kick in with "Welcome to the '60s" the musical easily became the best NBC has attempted.

It's hard to imagine better casting for the production. Jennifer Hudson stole the show Ariana Grande, certifiable pop star, came away as the show's MVP, acting as both reliably overlook-able sidekick and, once the situation required it, showstopping diva. Harvey Fierstein was predictably great Martin Short She also named "You Can't Stop the Beat" the best musical moment of the night and stated that "they really knocked it out of the park", stating that "NBC really put together something amazing here.

Caroline Siede of The A. Club ' s reviewer wrote that "As a piece of social commentary, tonight's production of Hairspray Live! It was the most-viewed program of the night, with numbers on par with those of Peter Pan.

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You Can't Stop The Beat - HAIRSPRAY Live!

Kenny Leon Alex Rudzinski. Marc Shaiman Scott Wittman. Craig Zadan Neil Meron.

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New Line Television Warner Bros.On the stageher role was originated by Jennifer Gambatese. In most adaptations, Brenda has dark hair. In the original Broadway productionshe wears her hair up in a small beehive. In Hairsprayshe wears her hair half up in a bouffant bun and half down in a flicked up bob.

She is seen mostly in cooler colored swing dresses like green, purple and blue. In Hairspray Live! Brenda is a noticeably good dancer. At the beginning of the movie, it is shown that she is beating Amber in the Miss Teenage Hairspray pageant. In the number " I Can Hear the Bells ", she and fellow council member Tammy are seen performing poorly at dodgeball.

In both the movie and in frequent stage productions, it is implied that Brenda is promiscuous. When her leave of absence is announced, Corny Collins notes that they are looking for a replacement that is "just as fun loving, but maybe not as free-wheeling. After a conversation with Velma, Brenda looks shocked and is seen staring down at her stomach and clutching it.

After Link Larkin sings " It Takes Two ," it is announced that she is is leaving the show for nine months. Even after her announced departure, Brenda continues rehearsing with the rest of the cast, implying that she will continue filling the position until a replacement is found. When Tracy comes to audition, Brenda is rehearsing with Velma Von Tussle and the other council members. Brenda's presumed pregnancy has spawned several theories and has been reinterpreted several ways in stage productions.

Some of the most common theories are below. One common interpretation is that Corny Collins is the father of Brenda's child.

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After her interaction with Velma where she is seen clutching her stomach, Brenda immediately approaches Corny Collins and the two are seen arguing in the background.

Another common interpretation is that Brenda is pregnant, but the father is unknown, at least to the audience. Corny Collins also comments that she is "free-wheeling", meaning that she acts without inhibitions. A less common interpretation, is that Brenda may not have been pregnant at all, but was tricked by Velma. Velma may have known that Brenda was promiscuous with at least one person and intentionally planted the idea in Brenda's head that she looked pregnant.

This would explain why Brenda looked shocked during her conversation with Velma - she hadn't known that she was pregnant. In the 60's, home pregnancy test were not yet available. This wiki. This wiki All wikis.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki.Every teenage girl has a dream, especially if that teenage girl is the main character of a musical.

'Hairspray Live!' Cast List - Who is Playing Who?

Hairspray Live! But Hairspray wouldn't be Hairspray without the choregraphed kids Tracey idolizes. Going all the way back to the original John Waters movie, Hairspray is a story of acceptance and diversity. The inimitable Tracy's quest to be a famous teen dancer even though she doesn't look like the other Nicest Kids In Town plays out alongside a civil rights narrative.

Corny is fine with the idea of integrating the show; Velma and the other suits are resistant. The Corny Collins Show is an afterschool Top 40 jam, but it also represents a place where young people can make change start to happen.

Here are the performers who snagged those key Hairspray Live! Costello describes himself on his Instagram as a "Disney fan" and a Gryffindorso he gets you. Britany posts cool covers of pop songs and sick dance routines on her YouTube channel. Heart is a dancer, fitness instructor and contortionist. Okay, Jane The Virgin watchers: remember that flashback to Xiomara's high school dance team tryouts?

Erdmann played one of her classmates. She also appears to have filmed something for the second season of Fuller Houseas evidenced by set selfies with John Stamos and Andrea Barber. Martinez toured with the Tony winning musical Kinky Boots and played one of those ragtag Newsies on Broadway.

He also won something called the " Broadway Hunger Games ," which is hopefully less violent than the original competition. She came to the show as a ballet dancer, and she and her competitor Rudy Abreu charmed viewers by admitting their mutual crush on each other.

Schroader comes to Hairspray Live! He was crowned Mr. Strip A Thon at this year's Broadway Baresa provocative charity show. Faulkner's career is just getting started. He was awarded the Mr.

hairspray live cast brenda

Dance of America title and got the Hairspray call while he was in school. Big things ahead! She was a swing for Broadway's Matildameaning she covered several roles should a cast member be unable to perform.

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His past work happened in regional theaters all over the country and, on one ocsasion, on the sea. Urban was a swing in a Disney Cruise Lines production of Tangled. Seems like the Nicest Kids In Town are also among the most talented. Watch them shake it on Hairspray Live! By Sage Young.Skip to main content Skip to footer site map. But she's still in Miss Hairspray at the end of the show! It's is the contraction for it is He's very much just a sweet kid from California who happens to have a face that looks like it was drawn by Michelangelo, if Michelangelo did anime.

Do you know who he is? Then why are you watching this show? You could probably get into college and even get one of those job things.

hairspray live cast brenda

As for the rest of us; Amanda Bynes is 22! Corny does not get her pregnant. I'm just being silly!

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But why is she still in the Miss Hairspray?? And who gets her pregnant? It has got to be Corny because he sings: "Hey baby. Looks like you could use a stiff one! And he says that they are looking for a girl not quite as "free-wheeling".

Well its not known for sure who got her pregnant. But Corny is a definite possibility. I love how the set is laden with "Brenda is a slut" jokes. In the original Broadway cast, she was played by Jenn Gamabtese They call her "a free-spirtied, fun loving girl" who mysteriously goes away for nine months leaving the spot open for Tracy to get in.

Brenda and Corny are seen throughout the show giving each other looks or are together on the side A wise music man once told me. Because it's a finale and the entire cast is dancing in it. Is it really that big of a deal?

I have several names, one is Julian2.

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I am also The Opps Girl. But cross me, and I become Bitch Dooku! Really, it's to be fair to the actress playing the part, to keep her in the show. The official explanation is that Brenda's a "lame duck" -- due to leave but not 'til she's "showing" -- she doesn't look preggers yet. Thats so lame its hysterical. The first sign is when Corny asks her in the beginning how long she'll be gone and she replies with "Nine months".Sign In.

Edit Hairspray Live! Amber Von Tussle Kristin Chenoweth Velma Von Tussle Billy Eichner Rob Barker Ariana Grande Penny Pingleton Martin Short Wilbur Turnblad Andrea Martin Prudy Pingleton Harvey Fierstein Edna Turnblad Sean Hayes Pinky Rosie O'Donnell Gym Teacher Jennifer Hudson Motormouth Maybelle Ricki Lake Pinkette Shahadi Wright Joseph Little Inez Garrett Clayton Link Larkin Marissa Jaret Winokur Pinkette Maddie Baillio Tracy Turnblad Derek Hough Corny Collins Kelli Erdmann Lou Ann Paul Vogt Harriman F.

Spritzer Mary Faber Seaweed J. Stubbs Mason Trueblood Fender Tiana Okoye Lorraine Ricky A. Sketch as Ricky Schroeder Marissa Heart Tammy A. Student Thomasina Gross Dancer Joanna Jones Ensemble Tyler Parks Dancer Andrew Pirozzi Dancer Helene Britany Shelley Roger GrohLook back at our favorite moments throughout the year, from award shows to up-close shots of celebrities.

See the gallery. Title: Hairspray Live! TV Movie Teenager Tracy Turnblad accomplishes her dream of becoming a regular on her favorite tv show, she sets off on a mission to integrate the all white tv show along the way she is confronted by the pro-segregation mother daughter duo Velma and Amber Von Tussle Written by JJ.

I think this was hard to do considering the other amazing movie version with Christopher Walken and John Travolta. On the other hand, Harvey Firestein is so cute as the mom, he kind of steals the show.

hairspray live cast brenda

I have no idea how he has such cleavage, but it is quite impressive. And Martin Short is adorable but just not Walken, you know. Jennifer Hudson is A-Freaking-mazing, of course. And Ariana Grande, well I had never heard her sing before today because I'm apparently not that cool but she did a great job. Costumes were pretty nice, and Rosie O'Donnell is actually bearable. I thought it was worth the watch.

Yes there were some technical issues, however its live and therefore forgivable. Hardcore fans probably will notice the technical precision in which the dancers do their thing, the change in costumes on many of the originals etc.

But the new costumes are really well done and, while different, are just as well done as the original. I had very few dislikes. Harvey was a little stiff, but he is not a young man. Ariana at the end was wearing heels that were way too high for the period, and it made her look a little kinky. Still love the shout out to Essex Community College. I graduated from Baltimore City Community College myself. Sign In. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page.

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hairspray live cast brenda

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