2015 nfl draft quarterbacks

The Arizona Cardinals made the final pick in the draft, commonly called Mr. One of the major storylines approaching the NFL draft was the competition between the previous two Heisman Trophy winnersJameis Winston winning the award in and Marcus Mariota in Both were considered excellent prospects and had the potential to become the first overall draft selection.

2015 nfl draft quarterbacks

Winston was considered to be a more polished pocket passer and pro-style quarterback, but had several off-the-field issues while playing at Florida Stateranging from a sexual assault allegation to shoplifting incidents. Mariota was considered a better athlete, the fastest quarterback in the draft, and had a better off-the-field reputation.

However, Mariota ran a spread offense at Oregon which typically had not transitioned well from college to the NFL. This was only the sixth time in NFL history that this has occurred. Shortly before the draft, the NFL shortened the amount of time for certain selections to be made. Seventy-four underclassmen announced their intention to forgo their remaining NCAA eligibility and declare themselves available to be selected in the draft. An additional ten players who graduated but were still eligible to play college football chose to enter the draft, bringing to 84 the total number of players who chose to forgo college eligibility to enter the draft.

The following is the breakdown of the players selected by position : [10]. The draft order is based generally on each team's record from the previous seasonwith teams which qualified for the postseason selecting after those which failed to make the playoffs.

The Buccaneers were awarded the first pick in round one due to having a worse strength of schedule. In addition to the seven picks each team is given one in each roundthe league allocated thirty-two 32 supplemental picks at the ends of round 3 through 7, for a total of picks. The supplemental picks are awarded to teams who had net losses of free agent talent from the previous year.

A supplemental draft was held on July 9, For each player selected in the supplemental draft, the team forfeits its pick in that round in the draft of the following season. Seven players were available, [13] but only one was selected. In the explanations below, PD indicates trades completed prior to the start of the draft i.

P re- D raftwhile D denotes trades that took place during the draft. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

2015 NFL Draft: Lance Zierlein's top 10 quarterbacks

Redirected from NFL draft. Main article: List of NFL draft early entrants. Buffalo traded this selection along with their fourth round selection th and their first round selection in 9th to Cleveland in exchange for Cleveland's first round selection in 4th which Buffalo used to select wide receiver Sammy Watkins.As the NFL Draft draws near, many teams are weary of wasting higher draft picks on quarterbacks who might not be able to make it in the league.

Plenty of attention has been paid to front runners, Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, but few people know more about the other prospective signal callers who enter this year's draft.

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Although the race for selecting a franchise quarterback in the first round seems to be dominated by the two former Heisman Trophy winners, there are some talented quarterbacks who likely will be available later in the draft. Quarterbacks have notoriously been overrated when draft day finally comes, and this draft has some quarterbacks who might not last until the later rounds. Brett Hundley and Bryce Petty could have their names called in the second or third rounds, while the lesser-known Garrett Grayson could also cap off his meteoric rise by joining them at this same time.

With so many NFL teams still in dire need of a franchise quarterback, the draft is full of candidates worth taking at least a modest amount of risk. The following 10 quarterbacks seem to offer the most potential if they get matched to the right NFL team.

There are many smart quarterbacks who can make their share of NFL throws, but the speed of the game and the adjustment to taking snaps from under center are both often hard to overcome.

If there are any dramatic stretches to acquire a quarterback earlier in the draft, the chances are that one of these signal callers will likely answer the call. In a draft that seems to be all about Winston and Mariota, the race is on to find out who might be the next Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick or even Tom Brady.

Carden has passed for 11, yards in college, improving his yardage production in each of his three years. He has thrown 86 touchdown passes with only 30 interceptions in his 1, career passing attempts.

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He is consistent and has experience moving the chains without giving up the ball. Carden's statistics are likely inflated due to playing in the American Atlantic Conference for ECU and a spread offense, but he has proven he can make the right reads and exploit defensive weaknesses.

He lacks elite arm strength and has to step into throws, but he has the confidence to test defenders anywhere he sees an opening on the field. Carden is not that mobile but can move around in the pocket and get to the outside when the pocket breaks down. Taylor Heinicke was the top high school player in the state of Georgia inyet the big FBS schools like Georgia were less than enamored with his overall size and arm strength.

Heinicke finished his ODU career with 14, yards of passing, 1, yards of rushing, touchdown passes and 39 interceptions. Heinicke also has good speed 4. Heinicke is smart, can throw with touch and accuracy and knows where to attack a particular defense. Heinicke's biggest problem might be his lack of arm strength and lack of accuracy on deep balls, especially on the sidelines.

Heinicke is not accustomed to taking the ball under center and will likely struggle to feel comfortable doing so in the pros.

Redrafting the 2016 NFL Draft First Round

His intelligence, elusiveness and overachieving mentality should all make it worth a chance drafting him in the later rounds. Mannion is able to put touch on balls to drop them over linebackers as well as into a receiver's outstretched hands. He is used to operating under center and plays in a pro-style offense, doing almost all of his damage from the comfort of the pocket.

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Mannion has put up some impressive numbers at Oregon State, passing for 13, yards and 86 touchdowns. Mannion has put up some big numbers in the PAC, but has had his struggles against some of the league's best defenses.

He is not exactly mobile and has a tendency to step back in the pocket when his primary target is not in the clear. He could be the next Drew Bledsoe or Blaine Gabbert, but he is smart and comes prepared which will ensure he doesn't become the next Ryan Leaf. There is little doubt that Connor Halliday can throw the football.

He had passing attempts as a junior inproducing 4, yards and 34 touchdowns. He is a pocket passer who is very confident that he can make just about any throw, down the sidelines or in the middle of the field. Halliday finished his career at Washington State with 11, yards of passing and 90 touchdowns in 1, attempts. He has better than average arm strength, good football smarts and knows how to have proper timing as well as lead his receivers with his throws.

Although he is not particularly elusive or fleet of foot, he was only sacked 19 times last year. Like many quarterbacks in this draft, Halliday suffers from "spreaditis", having played in the spread formation under two different coaches at Washington State.

He has to learn to take snaps under center, make faster reads while dropping back into the pocket and plant his feet sooner in order to step into his throws.Mock Draft. Season: Jameis Winston. QB Florida St.

2015 nfl draft quarterbacks

The Bucs finally get Winston after all the expectation they would take him, with his immense pro-ready talent outweighing the character concerns. If he rewards their trust off the field, he should develop into their long desired franchise quarterback on the field.

Round 1Pick 1 1. Marcus Mariota. QB Oregon. The Titans take the No. They are willing to work with that over continuing with Zach Mettenberger as their top option. Round 1Pick 2 2. Garrett Grayson. QB Colorado St. Grayson doesn't blow anyone away with his size and arm, but his pocket awareness and accuracy are more in line with Sean Payton wants his passer to do in their offense. Round 3Pick 11 Sean Mannion.

QB Oregon St. Mannion is a lanky passer with some pro-style polish, but his pocket awareness, release and decision-making all need a lot of work before he can be a legitimate starting option. Round 3Pick 25 Bryce Petty. QB Baylor. Round 4Pick 4 Brett Hundley.

Hundley won't see the field unless Rodgers goes down with a bad injury.Everyone who likes football loves high-level quarterback play. Alas, this is not a strong draft for quarterbacks. Florida State's Jameis Winstonwho won the Heisman inand Oregon's Marcus Mariotathe Heisman winner, are far and away the top two quarterback prospects, and it would be a shocker if another quarterback is drafted in the first round. There might not be another quarterback who's worthy even of a second-round pick.

Winston and Mariota have the potential to be, at the least, good quarterbacks. But it wouldn't be that big a surprise if no other quarterback in this draft class ever becomes a starter.

What it looks like is two top signal-callers, then a bunch of guys who look to be backups at best. Granted, a couple of them could be good backups. Still, when you're talking about a position group where a lot of the prospects could be good backups, it's not a strong position group.

Mike Mayock's top 5 at the position: 1. Oregon's Marcus Mariota ; 2. Florida State's Jameis Winston ; 3. Baylor's Bryce Petty ; 4. Colorado State's Garrett Grayson ; 5.

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Biggest upside: Florida State's Jameis Winston. Winston is the most NFL-ready quarterback and also the guy with the biggest upside in this draft class. He has prototype pocket-passer size 6-foot-4, poundsa strong arm and experience in a pro-style attack. He has taken snaps from under center, called plays, read defenses, and called audibles. His off-field maturity is a concern, but if everything jells, he will be a productive, high-level starter for a decade.

Most underrated: East Carolina's Shane Carden. Carden's lack of sizescares some teams, and he doesn't have a big arm. He won't impress every NFL decision-maker, but he can be a productive backup if he lands on the right team and with a quarterback coach who understands his strong points. Hundley toyed with the idea of turning pro after his redshirt sophomore season in but came back for his junior season in an effort to improve as a quarterback. Truthfully, he didn't improve all that much, and the issues he had in remain.

Hundley is a good athlete who runs the read-option quite well and has a nice arm.With the first wave of free agency over, NFL teams are turning more attention to setting their boards in anticipation of the NFL Draft. To view Zierlein's full scouting report on each prospect in NFL. Zierlein's bottom line: Winston is a big, highly competitive pocket passer who played in a pro-style offense and showed an ability to anticipate throwing windows, scan the entire field and make the NFL throws.

His wind-up delivery and marginal mobility outside the pocket are reminiscent of Byron Leftwich, but his arm talent and issues with decision making are more in line with Eli Manning 's. Winston's football potential is clearer than so-called "system" or "one-read" quarterbacks, but every stone must be overturned in an attempt to piece together a predictive character profile on Winston.

Winston's supreme confidence might be considered arrogance by some, but even that trait will be alluring to teams who need to find a franchise quarterback. Zierlein's bottom line: Scheme-based quarterback who will face the same challenges that several quarterbacks before him have faced in terms of learning how to read defenses and go through progressions.

The tape was less kind to Mariota than expected, but his size, athleticism and consistency of football character throughout his career are necessary traits in becoming a good-to-great quarterback. Mariota's ability to create outside the pocket will help win games here and there and buy him time as he plies his craft. However, to reach his potential and match the play with the traits, he must develop more poise and feel in the pocket and improve his field vision. Mariota is no lock to be a great NFL quarterback, but his floor is much higher than any of the quarterbacks drafted in Zierlein's bottom line: Hundley flashes athleticism and talent, but his basic quarterbacking issues will take time to improve.

Inmore than 54 percent of his pass attempts were from six yards and in, including 29 percent from behind the line of scrimmage, which is nothing like an NFL offense. Hundley is a "flash" prospect who shows the physical tools to be a starter, but his internal clock and issues with reads and progressions must be improved to give him a shot at becoming a decent NFL starter. Zierlein's bottom line: NFL evaluators felt like Petty's senior season was disappointing, but those same evaluators love his size, leadership and intangibles.

He needs a year or two of practice time and camp work to learn how to get through his progressions, but has the intelligence to do that. Petty must have a structured offense that won't ask him to make plays outside of the pocket. Zierlein's bottom line: Grayson went from fringe draft prospect to clearly on the draft board with a strong season.

Despite average arm talent, he uses good lower-body mechanics to generate velocity, and his touch and accuracy on deep throws is eye-opening. Grayson needs more tape work to help improve his decision-making, but his size, production and growth at the position have ticked the requisite draft boxes to make him an intriguing mid-round prospect.

Zierlein's bottom line: Tall, rhythm thrower who shows an ability to play with confidence and accuracy when used as a game manager within an offense featuring a strong rushing attack.

2015 NFL Draft

Mannion needs plays to stay on schedule, or his confidence becomes shaky and the turnovers start rolling in. Mannion lacks arm talent to carry an offense but has enough ability to become a capable backup. Zierlein's bottom line: An undersized, move quarterback who can make plays outside of the pocket. He has enough arm to threaten defenses over the top.

Though up and down at times, Sims has demonstrated enough potential to warrant a look as an NFL backup in a draft class sorely lacking in quarterback prospects. Zierlein's bottom line: Lanky "system quarterback" lacking a strong arm and an ability to create plays outside of the pocket. Halliday shows an adequate level of football intelligence and has enough accuracy to warrant a draft pick.

One positive is that he has clearly improved over the last two seasons and might continue on the same track once he works into an NFL system. A role as a backup might be his ceiling. Zierlein's bottom line: Heinicke has the ball placement and accuracy of an NFL backup when he's protected and dealing, but his small stature combined with his inability to drive the ball and make NFL throws could be hard to overcome once he gets into an NFL camp.

Heinicke must play in a timing-based system to have a chance at making an NFL roster. Zierlein's bottom line: Plays the game with too much arm and not enough eyes at this stage.

Doesn't appear to have the awareness or football intelligence teams typically look for in quarterbacks, and his accuracy and decision making can be big issues at times. Bennett has an easy release with adequate arm talent and above-average athleticism. He has enough tools in his shed to end up as a project on a team's practice squad or a potential No.

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2015 nfl draft quarterbacks

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Florida St. College Stats. Marcus Mariota. Dante Fowler.

Quarterback - NFL Draft 2015

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2015 nfl draft quarterbacks

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